Wright Care At Home Provide a domicillary care service, bespoke to meet our customers needs

Wright Care at Home was founded in January 2016, and we are proud to say we are a family business. We believe this sets us aside from other providers and keeps us focused on the importance of our roles. We believe in quality over quantity and by doing so we maintain a small focused, dedicated and loyal team that pass this onto the people we provide a service to.

Samantha Wright the registered care manager and care director has a history of working from a carer up to management level over a variety of different care settings. For the last five years she saw a growing demand for people needing support in the local area and also how important this is. ” We all have to grow older, and why shouldn’t this be in the comfort of our homes. We all deserve to be surrounded by our memories and those we love.” With this in mind she set up Wright Care at Home to do just this. She believed in giving something to others but wanted to follow her philosophy of what good care looks like.

Our mission is and always will be to ‘promote independent living’ We believe in giving people the support and opportunity to carry out their daily routines as they always have whilst maintaining safety in their own home. Our goal is to always ensure we provide our customers with dignity, respect and maintain their wishes. Every individual is different and we will always ensure our services are bespoke to meet those needs.

Meet The Team

‘Wright Care at Home’ believes in finding the right people for our customers. When recruiting our care workers and management we follow a thorough process to ensure we can provide our customers with the best support.

All our employees are trained and regularly monitored to ensure the safety of our customers. We carry out weekly checks to ensure you get the best possible service.

We ensure all our care support workers arrive to you on time and meet your needs. We value the importance of all our customers and ensure that we also value our team. Keeping this balance means we are efficient and always able to ensure you can rely on us.

Timing and efficiency is so important for our customers, we are aware your needs are in our hands and strive on ensuring we never fail to do so. We really do put compassion at the heart of everything we do, this includes our team.

Wright Care at Home is so incredibly proud of their team and so that’s why we like to shout out about them.

  • Melanie Clipston
    Melanie Clipston Administrator
  • Gillian McDonald
    Gillian McDonald Care Worker
  • Paige Jordan
    Paige Jordan Care Worker
  • Kayleigh Steward
    Kayleigh Steward Care Worker
  • Toni Davies
    Toni Davies Care Worker

    I have worked in care for the past 15 years, gaining experience and knowledge along the way in different care settings, from people with learning disabilities to the elderly.

    I have completed N.V.Q level 3 in Health and Social Care and know that I can gain further qualifications with in Wright care at home.

    I like to work with in the community as I feel the customers are the happiest with in their own homes knowing they are getting the best care and attention by carers that love doing this job.

    Wright care at home is a family run business which means the care we provide is to the highest standard. Even though I have recently joined Wright Care I know I have made the right decision.


  • Jackie Vines
    Jackie Vines Bank Care Worker
  • Tina Harvey
    Tina Harvey Care Worker
  • Abbie Hibbitt
    Abbie Hibbitt Care Worker

    “I have worked in care since I left school, I was lucky and got chance to take part in a Nurse Cadet Scheme at Lincoln county hospital; which I worked at for 2 years. Gaining qualifications of; Diploma level 3 and nvq level 2 in health and Social Care.

    I have always enjoyed working within the care sector, It’s something I’m passionate about. Being able to make a difference to people’s lives gives me such joy.

    Having recently moved with my husband to RAF Wittering, having my daughter after maternity I knew I wanted to get back into care. I found wright care at home, I was very impressed by their high quality of care and their company ethos.

    It’s exactly what I wanted to be part of, a lovely family run business who truly care for their customers. Having worked here for just under 3 months, I’m still loving my time at wright care at home.

  • Geva King Lodge
    Geva King Lodge Care Worker
  • Sammy Wright
    Sammy Wright Company Director and Registered Manager

    I’ve worked in Health and Social Care for the last ten years, in a variety of settings gaining a wealth of experience. I started as a carer delivering home care and then worked my way through the ranks of management to where I am now. I have worked through all my qualifications and since leaving school many years back I have always worked in customer service.

    After working in a variety of care settings  I had always had a passion and determination to set my very own care company up providing a wide range of services within my home town. First hand knowing what good practice is I have always strived on giving the best customer service. Its now 2016 I have achieved a personal dream and I am fully committed to ensuring Wright Care at Home provides a high standard of care, continuity and service to all our customers. Not only that but ensuring I have the best team to make sure this happens.’

    Wright Care at Home is a small family run business. With my Father and Step Mother as joint directors we are all committed to ensuring we continue to grow keeping compassion at the heart of everything we do.

  • Margie Wright
    Margie Wright Nominated Individual, Administrator and Company Director

    Margie has supported the set up of Wright Care at Home with her wealth of experience in administration, and her excellent organisation skills. She is a truly valuable asset to the team ensuring we offer a hassle free easy set up from assessment of customer needs through to commencement of care provision. Not only does Margie support us with the administration of service provision but she supports all our employees with there ongoing roles.

  • Simon Wright
    Simon Wright Finance and Company Director

    Simon was fully on board when Sammy first came to him with discussions of the need for a high quality care provision within the local area. There is a high demand for care in our own homes and he had witnessed first hand what this support should look like. After running his own business as a highly qualified stonemason for the past 15 years he brings a wealth of business knowledge. Simon supports the background work of Wright Care at Home.

  • Sarah Palmer
    Sarah Palmer Deputy Care Manager
    “I have worked in Health & Social care for the last 6 years within various sectors gaining valuable experience and knowledge.
    I decided to start working as a domiciliary carer after supporting a family member who had a terminal illness. This opened my eyes to the vast amount of support and care that people can need at certain times in their life & how much I wanted to help with that.
    I have a huge passion to deliver the best quality care & treat people with the dignity and respect that they deserve in the time in their life that they most need it.
    I am passionate about what Wright Care at Home stands for and strive to be part of a great team delivering a high standard in care.”
  • Jessica McDill
    Jessica McDill Care Coordinator

    During my years of education, completing my level 3 in health and social care, I knew that working within the Health and social care sector was something that I was very interested in. After I finished education I started my first job in a care home and realised I had a true passion for delivering care to older adults and worked as a care assistant for around 2 years.

    I then realised that I was ready for a new challenge and am so happy to have the opportunity to work as a care coordinator within the Wright Care at Home team.

    A company that truly appreciates its employees and works well as a team to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered to customers. It is a privilege to work for Wright Care at Home.

  • Leann Edwards
    Leann Edwards Care Worker

    I have spent many of my working years in Care, I did have a break when raising my family and though I took on other jobs to suit my family lifestyle nothing ever compared to Caring and it really is where my heart is.

    I have recently come back into caring and after lots of thinking I chose Wright Care at Home and as far as it goes I really couldn’t be happier and from what I’ve seen so far it really is a company who thrives on looking after their customers and putting them and their needs first. Whilst also putting time and effort into the staff offering us lots of training and progression within our roles.

    Here’s to hopefully happy more years to come,  thanks for looking after me girls and of course the Customers.

  • Amy Measures
    Amy Measures Care Worker Mentor

    I previously worked in home care for two years, however took a year out to do something different.  I went to complete my apprenticeship prior to returning to home care.  ‘Wright Care at Home’ caught my attention as they are a small company and most definitely put their customers first and their best interests.I enjoy having extra time with home care visits to provide companionship as I feel it makes a huge difference to someone’s daily life.

  • Claire McRoberts
    Claire McRoberts Care Worker
  • Racheal Bulmer
    Racheal Bulmer Care Worker

    As a busy mum of Four I am so happy to be working for Wright Care at Home. I feel I am a very caring person and I have throughly enjoyed getting back to work. Care is very close to my heart as I had to watch my nan in a care home and I only wished she could have been at home. I love seeing the customers faces when you go that extra mile to make a difference. What a great team I work with they have been so supportive and I am really looking forward to gaining further experience and qualifications with them.

  • Dawn Allerston
    Dawn Allerston Care Worker

    Working for ‘Wright care at Home’ was very new to me as a career.  Having come here with no care experience. I saw the role advertised and had been looking for a change in career that was different and gave me a reward.

     All the existing carers made me feel so welcome and taught me to always believe in myself.

    I love talking to and supporting customers with their every day to day lives. It makes such a difference.

     I feel honoured to be part of a such a reliable , hard working team.

    Every day is so different and that is what I most enjoy.

  • Alex Siddons
    Alex Siddons Care Worker

    I came to Wright Care at home as it is a lovely family run business and the company doesn’t just think about their customers but also think about there employees too.

    I decided to have a career in care due to my grandmother having dementia and unfortunately she passed away.

    It was heart breaking for me as I was very close to her. I love being out in the community helping and supporting the customers and their families too.

    It was the best move I’ve taken

  • Kerry Pick
    Kerry Pick Care Worker

    I work in  home care because I want to help vulnerable people to be able to stay in there own homes around their loved ones. I love meeting all our different customers as they all have so many different personalities. I love working for wright care at home because I believe they are the best care company about !!!

  • Alison Pullen
    Alison Pullen Care Worker
    I have worked in care since I left school along with studying for my Btec national diploma in care. I always knew I wanted to work in care from a young age. I give thanks to my Grandad, being a Dr in the RAF, since then I’ve seen the bad care people have received, especially with family members. I really wanted to show people care can be better than this.
    So I value myself highly on listening to customers and improving people’s lives within their own homes. It’s the little things that count.
    9 years ago I stopped caring due to the birth of my son, I took up pharmacy work. I thoroughly enjoyed this, though it did not give me the same job satisfaction, my heart is with domiciliary care.
    I thoroughly enjoy working at Wright Care at home, it’s a fantastic team with true person centered care at heart. Being a part of a team that helps to increase a customers confidence is the reason why I love my job. It’s truly inspirational and gives me a real zest for my career at Wright Care.
    I am currently studying to improve my skills in care and further my knowledge in helping others live their lives to the fullest potential. I love every minute of it.
  • Tania Dixon
    Tania Dixon Care Worker

    I have worked in Care for almost three years now after coming from a catering background. It’s the most rewarding career I have chosen, I don’t look at this as a job it’s an honour and a privilege to help and assist customers to stay in their own homes and live an independent a life as possible.

    I have progressed in my knowledge and experience gaining an NVQ 2 in health and social care, and a diploma in Dementia. I worked and completed these as I wanted to understand and help the Customer to the best of my ability, and understand the conditions they personally live with.

    ‘Wright Care at Home’ are a great team and work well together giving our customers the best that they deserve. I look forward to a long and rewarding career with Sammy and the team.

  • Nicola Vickovic
    Nicola Vickovic Care Worker

    I’ve worked for Wright Care at Home from the beginning. I always remember my ‘Mum’ telling me there is no point in doing a job if you don’t enjoy it. 

    I can honestly say the work i do does not feel like a job, i absolutely love every minute.

    In the two years i have worked for ‘Wright Care at Home’ i have achieved so many qualifications. All evidenced with a certificate. I love certificates! but my proudest moment and achievement is my recently awarded level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

    We are not just a team here, but a family. I was so overwhelmed when i was approached from my Manager encouraging me to apply for a ambassador senior role. I feel honored to be in this role, i sat through a grueling interview and then my Manager Sammy at the end said i already knew you would fit the role.

    I have utter determination, respect, trust for everyone in my team, for all i do and most of all my customers who i provide care to.

    I am so proud of my career here and would never look back.