Acts of Kindness – 4

Another week has passed during this uncertain time, we are bringing a week full of positive news to lift the spirits of our customers and team…..

Thank you, Stamford, for the wonderful rainbows keeping us going, it’s been so wonderful as we travel delivering home care visits house to house to see these wonderful creative pieces of art. It really does make us smile and keep us going in an anxious time so Thank you.

This picture was sent into us. To let us know everyone is thinking of all the key workers. We had to share it as it’s just so sweet and everyone’s thoughtfulness in this time means the world to us all.

💜 Stay safe💜🌈

Thank you to a lovely girl called Tia who sent this.
We love seeing the rainbows on our travels in the community

Sourcing Protective equipment has not been an easy task by any means, one challenge as a care provider we never thought we would face. However, we want to say a huge thank you to some amazing businesses locally who have supported us to keep our key workers and you our customers save. Oakham School Design and Technology students have been making shielding masks and delivered 100 to us this week. What a wonderful gesture. The Market Place dental health practice also then approached us and have sourced us face masks for all of our care team meaning we are now safe for a few more weeks. The community has really come together, and we are so so so proud to be part of Stamford and Rutland. Thank you so much.

Nicola keeps smiling and going above and beyond….
Nicola went the extra mile this week. One of our customers was in need of a hair cut and Nic in her own time prior to her shift delivered. A great job well done Nicola. A wonderful act of kindness too.

Kerry is one of our part time care workers. Over the past 4 weeks Kerry has been incredible. Not only has she been offering up her time to support her team more, but she has been selfless in her many acts of kindness to help her customers. She’s been doing special trips to deliver newspapers, ensure customers have more essentials and been spending time reassuring customers. Such a wonderful carer. Thank you, Kerry.

Thursday nights 8pm…. Every
Thursday at 8pm the nation has been clapping for 2 minutes to applaud our keyworkers and the NHS. We have been having a special share of claps and want to thank everyone for all your support to our team and kind words. We are proud to be carers during this time as always and love what we do. It’s truly a pleasure.

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