Acts of Kindness – 2

We continue this week with more generosity and kindness shown by our wonderful Care Team…..

Today our health care worker, Val, joined the long queue to get shopping for one of our customers, not once but twice. As there is no set time for community carers to do the shop for our vulnerable this has become a challenge, we are faced with trying to get to everyone with minimal staffing. Some kind customers In the queue saw her in uniform and out of pure kindness moved her to the front of the queue so that she could get the shopping and back to her customer who really needed the companionship whilst in isolation.
Our community really is just amazing….. Thank you to those shoppers who did the most amazing job. You’re just awesome.

Ria has joined us as a bank care worker during such an uncertain time where our vulnerable need us. Ria is already in a customer facing role however wants to really support our community now when they need us and beyond this.
To join us now and to support our team and our customers in such an anxious time is just beyond selfless. You should be so proud.
Welcome to our family Ria. We hope you love this role as much as we all do.

Thank you to Tania
Tania has been busy hand making individual cards for all of our customers all personal to their favourite hobbies and interests She’s spent hours making them just perfect. So watch this space for some happy post to land soon…….

It’s been such a challenging time for key workers recently, still delivering excellent services whilst faced with the challenges of how to do this safely. We have certainly had to find new ways of working and new ways to ensure we can help people in an uncertain time. Today we needed to get an important bit of paperwork to a carer so with social distancing we left it at her door then called her whilst stepping back.

We felt like the Postmen for the day.
But we even left Kerry a small little gesture to brighten her day whilst she’s doing such an amazing job. Kerry is one of our part time carers but has been supporting the whole team and doing lots of extra overtime to help her colleagues.
Our customers have loved seeing her a little bit more. It’s brought a smile to so many. Kerry has continually been making our customers smile too by taking them extra treats when shopping. Kerry we are so thankful to have you in our family.

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