Acts of Kindness

We wanted to bring you a special edition of our Newsletter to celebrate all the
Acts of Kindness that are occurring during these challenging times….we hope it
warms your hearts as much as it has our Care Team…♥

Our Care director collected bouquets of flowers kindly gifted by Morrisons and then our care team on
the front line delivered these to each one of our customers.
It’s the small things to help us smile and get through these self-isolating days.
We are here for all of you and will keep on giving and helping to find ways to make you all smile.

Today Michelle our care worker visiting our customers went the extra mile. A family who can’t leave the
home were missing the items normally in their shopping. So, she went out of her way to track down her
favourite chocolates and then take them to her visit. This put such a smile on their faces.
This may seem like a small act but if we all make these small acts everyday then what a better world, we
will be in. Thank you, Michelle, for today making such a difference to someone’s day

We searched high and low before our 7am visits this morning to ensure our customer had milk. With the
queues to get in its been difficult getting essentials for when our customers need them.
Without an ask a carer bought extra milk to share even if a customer hadn’t asked.
Thank you Tania

Shout out to our care worker Lucy today who has spent her own time making activities for our customers.
We are sending all of our customers some packs with lots of things to do personal to their hobbies and
interests….Lucy you are just wonderful in every way!


Some lovely compliments from customers and their families…..
‘Just wanted to let you know that you and all the staff at Wright Care are amazing. It is such a comfort to receive this!
I’m working from home at the moment but if there is anything that I can do to help you and the team please let me
know. Hope you and the team stay safe. Best wishes’ CB
‘I wanted to write to you to express our gratitude for what you and your team are doing for our mother at
this time, could you pass our thanks onto your team’ MB
Thank you for the flowers, a nice touch. Best wishes, JS

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