Coronavirus Information


We understand that for all our customer’s and their families
this is a very anxious time. There is a worry about visiting our elderly relatives, as
there is a worry about staying away.
We wanted to let you know what measures Wright Care at Home is putting in
place, which we hope will support the efforts to contain the spread of Covid 19,
we are following the guidance from the department of the health and our
regulatory body and are taking this very seriously.




If you have the following symptoms;
High Temperature
New continuous dry cough
Breathing difficulties
Stay at home for a period of 7 days. You
do not need to call 111
To tell them you are doing this. If you are unable to cope with your symptoms call
the surgery. All appointments for now will take place over the phone, we can
assist you with this, if necessary.
All general or routine appointments for now will be cancelled to reduce the risk of
the infection being spread among the vulnerable.



Our office premises are undergoing a thorough deep clean with
Industrial floor cleaner and a recommended anti-bacterial spray to
clean any surfaces that may be touched. However, we would
request that wherever possible, queries/requests should be
dealt with over the phone in order to avoid face to meetings.
In the past week, spot checks have taken place where Care Worker
practice is monitored to ensure they meet the required standard.
We have confirmation through these checks that all staff have a clear
understanding of hand washing and infection control policies.
Carer’s will check customer’s cleaning supplies such as,
Hand wash, Bleach, Flash etc. If any customer has insufficient
Supplies to contain the spread of the virus, we will purchase
what we feel is necessary to achieve this.
Any customer who is showing symptoms, or is nervous about
Going into the community, let us know. If we have Carer’s available
We will undertake to do any essential domestic chores. Collect
prescriptions, do shopping, pay bills.
Overshoes will be worn by Care workers within all customer’s homes
To prevent bringing inside any outdoor bugs and bacteria.
Any customers who are due to undergo a Care Review in the near
future we will still be going ahead with this as it is important to keep up to
date with any necessary changes to health or visit routines.
However, to reduce footfall into your home, these will be taking place
over the telephone.


Our contingency plans…

In the event that we have low staff levels due to the pandemic we have plans in place.
If the following happens:
School closures
Nursery closures
Lockdowns on premises
A care worker is tested positive with covid-19
You will be contacted by our
emergency out of hours. You may be given a different care visit time in
this eventuality as all of our customer visits will be organised in need of
priority to their needs.

We want to reassure you we will not be cancelling visits.

During this time as per advice our office will be closed to care workers and customer until further notice.
This is to minimise those entering the building. You can still contact us by telephone.


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