Our Ellie Star – A special tribute

Our Ellie Star
When you wish upon a star ….
Our Ellie Star was born

It is with great sadness that on 27th December 2019 we lost one of our valuable team members, Ellie Sanders, in an accident. Ellie was newly engaged and had so many dreams ahead of her. Our team are still in shock about such a great loss of such a young life. We have all come together to write a tribute about Ellie’s time with us and as our colleague what Ellie meant to us.

A special Tribute for our Ellie
In 2018 Ellie came to work for us at Wright Care at Home. She was to be our youngest Care Support worker.
Ellie had never worked in Health and social care before but set her mind to find a career that gave her reward, made a difference to others and gave her a real passion.

In Ellie’s time here she soon became part of the furniture, settling in and becoming one of our most loved and valuable care support workers.
Ellie’s trademark was absolutely her infectious smile. Every single customer Ellie delivered care to have all said she lit up the room with her smile.

Ellie received an award on our 3rd Birthday last year. She was Little Miss Happy.

Within the first few months of working for us, Ellie was featured in the local paper for International Women’s day, this was such a motivator in her career. Ellie often found taking compliments difficult. Something she had to become used to over her time with us.
Ellie was always going the extra mile: she would style hair, spend time getting to know the customer and look at how she could go above and beyond her duties.

We all have so many fond memories of Ellie, which we continue to talk about to allow us to still feel she is with us every day.

Ellie is featured above with her colleagues who delivered cupcakes on valentines day last year 

Ellie touched so many hearts, and not just her colleagues but those of her key customers. We have received so many heartfelt wishes and condolences from our customers and hope these wishes can provide Ellie’s family and friends with some comfort.

Ellie took her role seriously and enjoyed knowing that every day was different which kept her motivated and willing to succeed in all she did.

Some wishes from Ellie’s Colleagues

Ellie star🌟

You always came to me for support and advice

We put the world to rights

Had tears, moans and groans

We bonded, we annoyed each other

We met for coffee had laughs and giggles

You were a young, bubbly woman

With the biggest heart and personality

You lit up the room with your beautiful big eyes

Nothing you did, was ever a surprise

You were taken from us way too soon

A career of compassion and fulfillment was yours

You loved your job, had a huge caring heart

Now mine is broken as we are apart

But your never far away,

as when I put on my uniform,

you are with me every day

When I attend my calls,

I feel you walk beside me

I talk to you in my head as I know your close,

keeping watch over us, and those we Care for.

I can’t accept you are gone

For in my heart you will always live on

Rest in peace beautiful angel

Our Ellie star🌟xx
Tania Dixon – Care Ambassador
Ellie left with her colleagues Tania and Susan

Our Ellie Star

Well what can I say, I remember walking into the office and seeing your uniform and lanyard ready for you , got to say at first I thought this wouldn’t be the career for you , my god did you prove me wrong. You were an absolute pleasure to work with Ellie, for someone who had never done care professionally you did brilliant. You touched so many people’s lives in your role and made a big difference. You will be sadly missed by all, but we will keep your legacy going, there was never a dull moment when working with you and the giggles we had, you certainly brightened up my day. Shine bright our Ellie star, love you dearly Nicky xxx

Nicola Vickovic – Care Ambassador

Ellie in one of our recent training sessions. She was always so competitive.

Ellie, I was on maternity leave when you joined Wright Care at Home, but I was so excited to meet you. I was filled with so many refreshing stories about the difference you had made to our existing already fantastic team. When I met you, I was always so surprised by your dedication to what you did and your work ethic. In the time you worked here you were always there to support your colleagues and never turned down a chance to help your customers. I could never keep up with your ever-changing hair colours and you always bought an element of cheekiness to the team. We had recently spoke about your career and your ambitions and we were excited to see you work towards your level 3 diploma. You had a lifetime of dreams ahead of which we were privileged that some were with us as your employer. You were such a special character and I hope we can continue your legacy. Customers spoke so highly of you and I know are missing your presence in their days. You really flew the flag for young carers and what they can bring to our ever-changing social care industry. I’m so grateful that you chose us as your employer. You were simply splendid. What a treasure, you are so missed, and we will continue to keep the Ellie star alive.

Samantha Wright – Care Director

Our Promise to keep Ellie’s Legacy – The Ellie Star Foundation

In recent days we have spent lots of time with Ellie’s family talking about Ellie and how we can ensure that Ellie always remains part of the wright Care at Home Family.

Ellie’s family are setting up a charity foundation so that they can support young carers like Ellie. They would like to support this passion of Ellie’s.
All our carers as a special memory of Ellie are now all carrying a gold star pin to wear with pride on their uniform to always remember their special friend and colleague and to always remember the love she had for care. She will always be part of us and our team.
For every new care worker that comes into our team they will carry the same star and will always know about Ellie and what she brought to us. Gone but never forgotten. We are also setting up a tailor-made training course that will be in Ellie’s honour and support new carers coming into Health and Social care.
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team and in the last few weeks they have shown strength, courage and a real love to carry us through such a heart-breaking time. Our sincere condolences go out to Ellie’s family.

We will be working alongside her family to support them with fundraising events and will ensure we can support them in any way we can.

Ellie was one of a kind and will be missed dearly. Such a big heart, who has left such a hole in our days.

Gone but never forgotten, the sky has gained the brightest star.



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