My Journey so far with Wright Care at Home….

Melanie – Admin and Event Coordinator.

Mel raising money for The British Heart Foundation in April 2019

My journey with Wright Care at Home started on a very humid and sunny day in August 2018. I felt nervous as I walked into the office, thank goodness the fans were on full……Sammy, Margie, Sarah and Tina instantly made me feel at home, why was I worried? These strong, determined, compassionate women bring their massive hearts to work every day and put the Customers and Care Team first, of course they were going to make me feel welcome, I know this now.

I feel I need to rewind slightly from this day to explain what inspired me to apply for the position of part-time administrator.

Left:Tina Middle:Sarah Right:Mel (me)

In August 2017 my big sister suffered a Stroke, she was fit and healthy and looking forward to her 50th Birthday celebrations. We were all shocked and upset when this happened, we are a large family and other than a few broken arms and legs we had been so lucky not to have experienced anything like this before.

We rallied around for hospital visits to make sure she saw us every day and never felt alone. The first few days were so tough but we all stayed strong and talked and talked and talked even though she couldn’t respond. My younger sisters painted her nails, we took photos to sit by her bed and remained positive and upbeat throughout, only allowing ourselves to crumble a bit when we left her side. In these darkest times we all found our inner strength and pulled my sister and each other through it, we all knew this could have been a very different situation with the severity of her stroke and I am still in awe of all of the doctors, nurses, physios, carers that helped my sister. As a family we will be forever grateful to our mighty NHS.

Mel – Administrator and Event Coordinator

My Dad and brothers completed a ‘DIY SOS’ style revamp of her house so that she could settle back into her home with as much ease as possible.

After 2 weeks on the stroke ward at Peterborough Hospital and 6 weeks in the rehabilitation centre with daily physio my sister returned home, I can still vividly remember the sheer glee on her face to be able to sleep in her own bed and to snuggle into her very large sofa for comfort. I saw first-hand how this made a huge difference to her recovery and she very quickly regained her independence. The months that followed she needed support with communication and understanding, Aphasia was something I had no previous knowledge of and I decided to educate myself so that I could support her as much as possible. I have always taken for granted my ability to pick up a phone and find the right words to complete a task, I couldn’t break down the physical barriers for her but I could certainly help with this. We worked through the challenges together and 2 years on she is back at work and dragging me to yoga!

The Wright Care at Home Team in 2017 running the Half Marathon to raise vital funds for the ‘stroke Association.’

When I saw the advert on Facebook for the Administrator position at Wright Care at Home I was more than curious! Running through my head was ‘I have no care experience’ ‘no auditing experience’ but wait this is a company that’s ethos is to care for people in their own homes. I had just seen the benefits of this with my sister and my current job included dealing with vulnerable customers maybe I did have more experience for the position than I gave myself credit for. I decided to apply and I was invited for an interview with Sarah. It was quite possibly the hottest day of the year, not ideal when already feeling nervous and sweaty. Sarah instantly put me at ease, I talked about my current role but was still feeling emotional and raw about what had happened with my sister so swerved that subject. Sarah absolutely oozed care, compassion, empathy and strength, what a lovely lady. We chatted and talked about the hurdles of being a working parent. As I walked back to my car I really hoped I would be offered the position, i wanted a role with purpose.

Margie and Mel – At our recent 3rd Birthday celebrations

So there we are, back to the here and now. Wright Care at Home is a family that I am whole heartedly a part of so when Sammy asked me to also be involved with organising charity events for the team to take part in and raise lots of money I grabbed it with both hands. So many of our customers can and have gained support from these charities. Sammy’s vest and medal are framed on the office wall from when she completed the marathon and raised money for The Stroke Association, this is a charity that helped my family immensely when we needed further information and support.

Mel – at the recent Marie Curie collection we did in March 2019

We now events planned for the next few months and have already completed 2 bucket collections. I was reminded this week of how my mum has organised charity events in the past, a garden fete for the Bone Marrow trust and how my Dad completed the London marathon 3 times raising lots of money for various charities. I guess this role was a part of me before I knew it would be.

I am right where I want to be, doing a job I love…….I’ve found my tribe.

Melanie Clipston – Event Coordinator and Admin Girl!

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