Our Voluntary Service receives amazing feedback…

Our Ambassador ‘Tania Dixon’ goes the Extra Mile to make a difference in her everyday role

Tania has been with us since the beginning and is always striving to achieve excellence and deliver Outstanding Care.

Often in the press only negative stories are heard about care however Tania is an example of how all of our CARE TEAM go above and beyond.

In 2016 we wanted to try and have the extra special touch and that’s where our Deputy Manager came up with our Voluntary service. This is for all our Customers who maybe want that little bit more outside their standard care visits, but for one reason or another may not be able to make it a regular occurrence.

One of our customers took the plunge and posted in her request form. This lady had not been to the high street in our beautiful town for nearly 3 years and really wanted to see the changes and how things now look. This was her moment…. 

With permission granted she wanted to share her experience…..

One day I received a leaflet from ‘Wright Care’ advertising Voluntary visits.  It  was offering time to do anything of your choice with a wright Care volunteer. I had not been in the High St. in Stamford for almost 3 years.- so this was my moment! I filled in the form and very soon received a phone call to arrange a trip in my wheelchair into town.It was really going to happen and I felt quite tearful at the prospect. It wasn’t that I wanted to shop. It was just that I wanted to keep up with all the changes going on around me in Stamford.

My volunteer made it so easy and pleasurable. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I can’t thank her enough.

So, I would say to anyone hesitating to take up the offer ‘seize the moment’. You will be in good hands.- and of course this is typical of Wright Care and all it’s staff going the extra mile.!

We are so lucky to have this professional organisation available to us and as they say ‘use it or loose it! So  don’t hesitate – do it!






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