Wright Care at Home turns 2 Years Old!

Wright Care at Home turned 2 years old on 25th April 2018


Wright Care at home was founded in Jan 2016 commencing their first delivery of care visits in April 2016.

They have provided almost 30 jobs in the area and  are continually growing now in the Community to help support those in Stamford and surrounding villages.









Samantha Wright one of the Co – founder’s is often asked what her goal is for the organisation and when we spoke with her her ethos was still simple and the same as two years ago in wanting to provide individuals with a high standard of care that keeps things simple, based on a family feel and to treat those with respect and dignity as she would her own family.

“Above all, you want to create something you are proud of. That has always been my philosophy in business. I can honestly say that i have never gone into this to make money. I was never a business woman i was a care worker and then a leader of those delivering care. But all i wanted was to provide care that sets us aside from the rest and beats the awful stigma carers get in the media. If making money was the sole motive then i believe your better off not doing it. A business like ours has to be involving; it has to be fun and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Every day is different and that is what i love as i’m sure all my colleagues would agree. We are not surrounded by the same four walls day in and out and we are always striving to be out in the community improving the life’s of others.”









We now have a team of 27 which is most definitely an increase from the 4 we started with back two years ago. This shows how much we have evolved over time. We have provided almost 100 individuals now with care and support. This has been a mixture of short term respite care packages,and then on-going packages. We have supported those with end of life care, personal care, meal preparation and assistance with nutrition. We have supported those with appointments, medication needs and most importantly companionship our focus at Wright Care at Home.

We are often asked what conditions we can support with and the list is endless, we are dementia champions and run sessions to support those with understanding dementia. However; we also support those with MS, Parkinson’s, and many others. We have a fantastic team of health professionals in Stamford and liaise with them daily to ensure a positive culture is created for all our customers giving them the best delivery of support.

Our team are continually working to improve their knowledge and we provide workshops for our team monthly. We often have guest speakers visit our main hub on Broad Street to help increase our specialised knowledge for specific health conditions. In the last year alone we have awarded nearly 80 qualifications. All our team after their induction are encouraged to complete their level 3 diplomas in Health and Social Care.

We have a voluntary visit system in place for all our current customers and this has proved a huge success. It gives our customers a chance to do something they maybe wouldn’t normally be able to. Afternoon Tea and a trip round the Market on a Friday seems to be our most commonly request voluntary visit.

In the last 12 months as an organisation almost £2000 has been raised for local charities and this is an area we are always looking to be involved in. That’s what makes our care workers special. This isn’t a job to them but a lifestyle. It’s about them giving something back and feeling rewarded at the end of each care visit they deliver.


To celebrate this milestone a tea party was held for our Care Team and we managed to get some lovely photos of our team. Smiles all round and as we always encourage; always be a rainbow in someones cloud.


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