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One of the hardest challenges we face in the Health and Social Care industry is misconception. Not just by the media, the general public or indeed our customers at times but also when it comes to recruitment.

If you were ever to have a conversation about Health Care Workers, I’m sure those who are already in the industry would state that people often assume Care is about people with no skills. ‘Anyone can do care, you don’t even need an interview.’  Or…. ‘Why would you want to be a carer and wipe up after people?’ …. or ‘its such awful pay isn’t it?’ … or ‘I couldn’t do your job, it’s not sociable.’

We have been thinking about this blog for sometime and whether it was politically correct to share however after coming up against this for the last 12 to 18 months we feel its the right time to blog our thoughts. Care isn’t always the most glamorous career but then doesn’t every job we face have it’s pros and cons?

Often people perceive care to be for those with no skills however care workers have so many skills, many that not everyone would have. They have hearts of gold, they look after others instead of being at home with their own families, they often work Bank Holidays, they are a special type of person. They work in an industry where not one day is ever the same. They have  the courage to walk into situations that they may have never come up against, they don’t know what lies behind each day. They walk in to homes where a persons whole life could change in a fraction of a second. They have thick skins, they take on all the emotions a person is feeling;  good or sometimes bad. They provide care at the very end of someones life and go home sometimes pondering on every part of the visit and if they could of done things differently. They become part of families, they provide encouragement to promote an active life. They take the laughs with the screams, the smiles with the tears, and they more often that not work on their own in communities.  They are team players and lone workers, they are cleaners, cooks, friends, a shoulder to lean on, they help with personal care but they also ensure they run errands, they handle and administer medication but they also arrange appointments and keep houses ticking over. They are sounding boards, a hand to hold and above all shining stars!

If it wasn’t for these special types of people then what would happen to our generations? Our ageing populations, our grannies, our grandads, our sisters and brothers, friends wife and Husbands.

Often the health and care industry is seen as the care workers at the front, however so much happens behind the scenes to get that carer to the door. The recruiting, the vetting, the DBS and reference checks, the training and continued training, the policies in place from those who regulate the safe services, the uniforms, the infection control, the insurance, the cars, MOTS, weather preparation, contingency planning, the reviews, the assessments, the recording the reporting….. it never stops and without those behind the scenes we wouldn’t make it through all those doors.

So all those Health Care Workers that we so often mis judge deserve the recognition of those around us. Yes we get it wrong sometimes but after all we are human and no one on this earth is perfect. But we also get it so very right. There are so many people who wake up at 6am and go to bed at 23.00pm in the hospitals, doctors surgeries, dental practices, in the community, in mental health practices all over the world. Often the NHS and Care system is knocked down but we truly believe beneath the misconceptions, the moans and the groans there is a big pat on the back deserved.

So where does this leave us after all of the above…..

Recruitment – The hardest challenge of them all! 

So many individuals have the qualities and attributes of a care worker, yet are often put off and mis led by those who have had bad experiences or see only the stereotypical person delivering care.

Being a Care worker comes with so many benefits. 

You get to start early and finish early meaning you can have an afternoon pampering yourself or seeing friends. Care is provided 24 hours around the clock so you can be flexible and fit it in with your family lifestyles. You get to do a job that doesn’t feel like a job yet a pleasure. You get to hear stories from many years ago, and learn how previous generations grew up. You get to work in the community and see so many beautiful views, sunsets and sunrises to the seasons changing. Your not stuck in an office in four walls but breathing fresh air. You get to see how you make a difference. Care isn’t just about washing and cleaning parts of the body that people often say ‘How do you do that’ its about providing dignity, independence and care. Its about taking an individual to their favourite cafe or pub in the country for a pint and some British grub, its about going for cake at the local garden centre, its about doing that favourite jigsaw or helping someone get into town when the weather is icy. Its about making sure curtains are opened and people are seen not hidden away. Its about Living not Existing! 

Different providers all offer different perks but often people have not heard the changes and what there is to offer; we offer contracted hours. Gone are the days of zero hour contracts which stopped providers retaining staff. We offer competitive rates of pay well above the minimum wage. We provide uniforms, PPE, we pay mileage and we appreciate our team with regular treats.  We offer set days off and flexibility. We have employee of the month schemes, career development and most of all a team full of welcoming smiles and support that will truly ensure you believe in your self.

So next time you see a care worker in the street or talk to someone who works in care don’t see them as someone with no skills, They have so many skills. Shake their hand, pat them on the back or give them a hug because one day we too may need a helping hand and we need more people in this industry to keep it going. Care in your own home removes pressure from the Nurses and Doctors, it keeps people around their memories and keeps memories alive. It keeps independence and it make every age a nice age. Don’t be scared of getting older when there are some amazing services out there to keep our wishes.

If you are interested in becoming part of a fantastic team with so much support and progression then give us a call or contact us for an application form. We will be happy to hear from you. Recruitment is so difficult due to all the mis – conceptions and we want to keep people at home! Don’t be put off by previous bad experiences. There is so much evidence of good care.

If you think care is the job that gives you the reward your seeking then contact us on: Tel 01780 489227 Email: info@wrightcareathome.com or message us on our Facebook page or Instagram page. We will be more than happy to send you some information and an application form.

We have some forthcoming positions:

January/ February 

Part time 15 hours.

Part time 25 hours

Part time 20 hours


Recruiting to provide care for a particular customer.


Permanent role as a care worker in the community caring for one individual in Collyweston. Must be a non smoker and be okay with Dogs. Must be able to drive and will work with a team of 6 over 24 hours on a permanent basis. Delivering community care but in one setting. Days, evenings and night positions available.






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