A perspective of care by someone outside watching…

Around the clock it never stops…

An insight of a perspective from the family, partners and loved ones of those who are by the side of an individual who works in Community Care.

Often in community care, the team will always stick together, support each other and ensure they have each other to help with the day to day perks and maybe harder darker times that come with being a care worker, Manager, supervisor or Coordinator. However this blog is one written by … me… a partner of the person who owns, runs and lives and breathes her job around the clock! I couldn’t be prouder and I wanted to contribute my blog to this ever awesome growing company.

A perspective of care by someone outside watching…

Most people out there think that 5pm comes the computers shut down and office crew go home to their partners & family life until the next morning. They may also think this is the same for a carer a role that is often not recognised as it should be.

Not this girl she is the Director, Care manager, Shoulder of support and the first port of call if something goes wrong. This could be from her customers, their families and loved ones or her carers. They may need her help or the great support and knowledge that she has to offer. Without hesitation this goes for the whole team at Wright Care at Home, I know first hand that they all go above and beyond whats expected but this is forever appreciated. If theres one thing I know it’s Sammy is always raving about her team how they always ensure everyone is safe, looked after and their interests are met.

The usual evening starts when we both get home from work at approximately 630pm (This is not always the case – I’ve quickly learnt 6.30 can actually mean 10.00pm) we sit down and have a coffee and have a chin wag about our days of what’s been a success and what hasn’t, Where I’ve been too and Sammy will always ask about my day. I drive a heavy goods lorry delivering concrete and can travel quite some distances some days. Sammy will always celebrate successes however small she believes this is what makes a great team, but at the same time if something hasn’t gone to plan she will always put her hand up and find a new plan.

When I first met Sammy my perception of the home care world was a lot different to what it is now. The polices and procedures that the company have to adhere to are staggering. Every other email is a new one for this and a new one for that. I often find myself sitting and wondering how this girl fits so much into her working day, there is all the reactive stuff that she and her team manage. Then there’s the training, the quality assurance checks and then the recruitment side to ensure she has the right team for her customers receiving the care and so so so much more…. She fits it all in and always stays so humble. She’s always excited to still go out on the ground and deliver visits with her team. This goes for her team also, they visit so many customers each day, from 7am to 10pm they are always out and about come rain or shine. They never have the same day but this is what they love.

If there is anything Sammy stands for it’s good care and after years of being in the industry she had always told Me, her friends and still now when people ask her where she wants to be in 5 years her answer is always the same….

“I just want to see and deliver good care. yes it’s nice to have your own company but at the end of it all it’s just about the care – I don’t want to be a huge company. I just want to maintain our high standards and change the poor perception of care that the media have. I want to make a difference and turn existing into living. I want to work alongside family and create that ethos in the care world.”

Although Sammy is very limited on what she can tell me due to data protection the enormous sense of achievement she gets out of delivering the best possible care and being as compassionate as she possibly can be makes me smile. I sit there of an evening and watch this girl strive and looking for new ideas and ways to make her outstanding care company be better and grow from day to day. I most certainly have learned from Sammy that there is never a day she will switch off. Even on a date night or on holiday she is always checking in on her team. This is often frustrating however its her and I wouldn’t change that.

My first real insight into her world was when I attended the 1st year Birthday party for ‘Wright Care At Home’ she held for her customers and team at the William Cecil in Stamford. She was busy greeting everyone chatting and ensuring everyone was okay, bubbles in hand and having a good time. She had pre warned me she wouldn’t have time to chat and if there’s one thing I know it’s that Sammy truly loves her job and the smiles that she puts on her customers faces. I was overwhelmed seeing how she was with her team and customers. It was also lovely to be part of it. I still here stories six months later from Sammy about the team talking about it.

I saw first hand on that day how amazing her carers are, they are always putting the job first, trying to find ways to be better and the best they can be. I got to see the way the team work. I think I would describe them as a an ‘octopus’ they are always in different directions getting things done, delivered and met. I got to see Sammy work alongside her family and deliver just as she always told me a care service that keeps the heart at everything it does.

Owning her own business doesn’t come without a price though some weekends and many weekday evenings are spent at the office or at home sat in front of the computer drinking cups of tea making sure everything is running smoothly. She’s always waking up in the night with new ideas and exciting initiatives. She will always be checking in on her team making sure they are ok or popping out to ensure everything is as she was determined it would be. With a company that works 24 7 hours 365 days a year there is never a moment the clock stops. it continues to prosper and grow being the family ethos she wanted.

Sammy prides herself and always talks about how she loves the family values. She works alongside her family and I’m lucky to be part of her support network. Granted she doesn’t let much go and I always ask to help with her never ending lists but I’m lucky if she will let any go. Recently I’ve been helping her with some marketing bits and bobs and the social media side. Sammy if anything hates technology, she’s much more pencil to paper which is why she is so good at what she does.

Care may be mis-interpreted at times. People think it requires little skill anyone can do it… but this is so wrong. Sammy and her team have so many attributes and they are a certain type of person. Someone who truly cares has compassion and goes above and beyond. Is prepared to be flexible react in different situations be prepared for the unexpected. It needs a really special person and Sammy really promotes her own passion along with the rest of her family to make sure she does this.

Recently she received her first CQC inspection result, it was fantastic. I was so proud of Sammy however her immediate reaction was, ‘ It’s my team that deserve it and got the result, she always talks about how amazing everyone is for supporting her and helping her achieve her dream.’

Care doesn’t stop. I never really thought of this before I knew Sammy. it’s not a 9 till 5 job. Sammy and her team work 24/7 365 days of the year and even when she’s in another country on leave or sat in the bath she’s always checking in on the team. Following up enquiries, requests and balancing everything. She will never sit still and what I love is she will do everything her team do. Her favourite part of the week is always visiting her customers and making them a dippy egg. she’s always got her feet in still. Often at 10pm I’ll roll over in bed and she will be there on her Mac book… ‘Sammy what are you doing?  just checking something with work she will say…. ‘

I’m excited for the future of Wright Care at home. she’s achieved so much with her team and her co-workers and seeing someone who makes work a passion is a great sight. I think Wright Care at Home will continue making a difference to so many.

Sammy is a great partner, she has so much drive and ambition. She inspires me and I love watching her grow. I’m proud to be hers but also to see her develop. It’s not always easy, and I’m sure so many partners and families of her co-workers will agree that sometimes it comes with unsociable hours, times of attachment and tiredness. Whilst they are out supporting others they are not at home with the rest of us especially when it comes to evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays. But if they are like me they will be proud to be alongside someone making such an incredible difference. If there is one thing I know we can all do to support the carers out there, its ensure you have a cup of tea made for when they walk through the door. I guess it’s like being a baker, you don’t want to bake your own bread. Well a carer often doesn’t want to make their own cup of tea.

In the rare times she switches off I’ll ask her what she wants to do. Her favourite is always heading to the coast to recharge the batteries. ‘Brancaster Staithe’ being her favourite. Sammy always talks about her childhood memories here and eating mussels with her Dad when she was younger for the first time in ‘The Jolly Sailor’ Or she loves having a cuddle with ‘Mr LJ’ the famous mascot Dog of Wright Care at Home. She loves a good meal in the country yet even then she will be talking about her other love in life. I think thats why she gets so much love from her job. She gets to be part of other peoples special stories. She’s a traditional romantic at heart.

On one last note…. ‘Would I change anything about her or the way she delivers care in the Stamford area? NO I wouldn’t’ She has so much ambition and so much more to give. Im so excited for her and the team. Would I change anything about her team? NO they are all so brilliant and SAVVY as she always says. They stick by each other, help each other out, support one another and most of all absolutely thrive off the reward they get from the role.

Its a breath of fresh air to witness good care.

Sammy was hesitant for me to publish this blog as much of her team are to receive praise they always just say ‘ It’s our job’ this is true however I think its much more than a job and I for one am proud of what this company does. Wright Care at Home you are a fantastic team….


Adam Davis – Partner to Care Manager 

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