Congratulations to the team running 13.1 miles on Sunday 8th October…

On Sunday, the ‘Wright Care at Home’ team were put through  their paces as they all ran 13.1 miles at ‘The Great Eastern Run’ sponsored by Perkins in Peterborough.


The team decided to raise money for ‘The Stroke Association’ following a talk delivered by ‘Babs Smith’ in March. They wanted to give something to a charity that related to the care they deliver to their customers. This felt like the right charity after delivering care to those who have and are recovering from a Stroke and also to encourage awareness to those in the community about how acting FAST has a huge impact on the recovery following a Stroke.

With only 3 months to train the team may have set themselves a big challenge, whilst this may seem like a long time they didn’t take in to account illness, injuries and the time that was required in order to train from being non runners to all of a sudden distance runners.

So the big day approached and unfortunately due to sickness we were a runner down, and due to a hip injury we were a second runner down. However with lots of care worker support on the side lines in between care visits. Two of our customers and their families attending to watch us cross the finish line and of course ‘Babs and Simon’ who delivered the inspirational talk back in March in three different places around the course we all used ‘Mind over matter’ to keep us going around the course.

Whilst Joel and Adam were aiming for a personal best to get round the course in a sub 2 hour time the rest of us all had a goal to just complete the course.

Jess the Care Coordinator was sustaining a knee injury, Margie a week before had caused injury to her back and Sammy was running with a painful Achilles injury. Yet they were not to be defeated and set off at 10.30am at the start line at the Embankment in Peterborough. With the rain staying away and the supporters on the street playing music and cheering us along we all managed to complete the run!

To cross the line and be congratulated by the customers whom they deliver care to was a proud moment!

Currently the team have raised £727.00 and still have their page open

Please see photos from the day!

Joel completed the run in – 1hr 57minutes

Adam completed the run in – 2hr 3 minutes

Margie completed the run in 2hr 32 minutes

Sammy completed the run in 2hr 44 minutes

Jess completed the run in 3hr 13 minutes




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