Running to combat mental health and for marie curie in supporting those battling cancer

Wright Care at Home is committed to supported charities. We believe in supporting those that contribute to helping the customers we provide services to.

Upcoming event for one of our team 

April 17th 2016

Samantha Wright – Registered care manager and Company Director

Event: Brighton Marathon – 26.2 miles

Charity: Marie Curie & Mind

Supporting mental health and terminal illness.

Link for donations and story ( blog )

Running to combat mental health and for marie curie in supporting those battling cancer

This year I completed my first and what I thought would be my only marathon. I ran the London marathon 26.2 miles of pure agony and 26.2 miles of pure madness which tested my limits. Every step from 16 miles felt like a test of my will and sanity. Each foot that hit the floor sent pain to every joint I have. The crowd and my fellow charity supporters got me through and made me keep going until I reached the finish line. My friends Jade Vicky my Dad and my partner tackled the crowds and were there around the course to keep me going.  Thank God they were. Seeing those faces pushed me further and knowing I would have them at the end stopped me from giving up. Mile 21 onwards bought more pain and tears and the runners all patting you on the back and strangers screaming my name made me so proud. I raised near 3k and finally could rest knowing I had done something incredible to support mental health and honour the memory of my god mum.  She was a second mum to me and such an important part of my life I was elated to know I had done something I never thought I could do.

So I cross the finish line and tears came, the painful walk from the finish line to my family friends and partner felt like another marathon in itself but seeing their proud faces made it all worth it. They had all been there through my long runs of training and preparation. There support was so very valuable.

I made them all vow to me that if I said I’d run another marathon to slap me across the face as it had been a tough ride.

So here I am writing my story. Those two days to follow where I was recovering hardly able to walk I entered the London marathon ballot.  Then I entered and got a place for the Brighton marathon. Two marathons in one week. Don’t worry I’m not running two in a week that is just stupidity.  I owe my body more than that. But Brighton marathon here I come this time with an extra challenge of hills and an Injury recovering but why not.

Running for mind has bought me new friends, a support group and amazing individuals to share a hobby with. So I’m aiming to raise £500 for mind a charity that will always mean so much. Combating mental health stigma is so very close to my heart and I believe this charity does so much.

This year I first hand and sadly experienced the work marie curie do and how much having them there really helps those sadly fighting cancer. Not only the patients but the family.  I honestly think these ladies should be given medals for what they do. Sadly most are volunteers and without events to raise money to keep them being brilliant we wouldn’t all have this support. As a way of giving back I want to raise half my funds for Marie Curie and honour a very special lady that was a pleasure to know.

This will probably be a even bigger challenge than my first marathon as currently I’m under taking physio for a damaged achilles and can only run very short distances. However I aim to combat this and then train hard to complete my second marathon.  And hopefully my time from the London marathon.

Everyone that donates I thank you in advance and those that I know will be there on the day thank you and those who will follow my training your all brilliant.

Charities all need our support and being part of these events is one of the best things I’ve experienced.

Please all support me in any way. Every little helps.

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